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Our general services

Garden Care

The fertilization and fumigation of gardens, shrubs and pastures are carried out with technical equipment and taking care of the health of your family and pets.

Grass Cutting

Maintenance and cutting of grass at the necessary height according to its type and ground conditions. Your lawn will look attractive and hygienic.

Clean Up

Removing dead or diseased plants, pruning trees and shrubs, removing fallen leaves and twigs, raking the ground, and removing weeds


We offer complete landscaping services for homes and businesses. Our services include landscape design and planning, irrigation system installation, and landscape maintenance.

About us

Hello, we are Landscaping Rodriguez, a gardening and landscaping services company in general with 12 years of experience.

We offer you a gardening service that is responsible for maintaining and caring for your gardens and green areas. Our service includes design and construction of gardens, installation of irrigation systems, tree pruning, residential and industrial garden maintenance, fumigation and sale and installation of roll grass.

¿Why choose us?

Licensed & Insured

We offer you a landscaping service with an operating license, and an insurance with which we can provide you with economic protection to cover the risks associated with contracting.


We have 12 years of experience gardening, cutting grass, pruning dry branches, watering and curing plants. We do maintenance, clean gardens, water and rebuild abandoned gardens.

Specialized Company

We come to your home and your company, we specialize in all commercial and residential areas, and we provide services with our own tools and professional and insured personnel.

What we do every day

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We carry out daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal maintenance of your gardens, landscaping, pruning, spraying, irrigation, lawn mowing, weeding and all gardening services.